My passion is colour and light, with focus on geometric and repetitive shapes in a unique form.

Pattern and colour have always been my strength, my lifelong thrill and central to my art since childhood.
My latest work exploits the many qualities and illusions of perspex. Using the possibilities and potential of the flawless material and the transformation of flat sheets into a variety of sculptural forms by different means. They are enhanced by light and space breaking into the structure. My approach is a use of symmetry and geometry, applying unconventional means to deviate from the 2D surface, allowing a 3D or relief element. Light enhances the pieces, distortions and illusions of looking through, as well the reflections and refractions. A glow of colour depending on the nature of the work, and at times using LED lights for iridescence and mood. There is a sense of satisfying tactile perfection and satisfaction with the machine and handmade product.